Mibet Energy Kliplok 305 Longline

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MRac Kliplok is mainly applied to Kliplok, and its material is Al6005-T5. With its professional design, it can realize the perfect connection between roof support and roof to meet customer installation requirement. Professional solution and structure design can save your installation time and cost. Moreover, Patented and unique design can bring you a good installation experience.

Mounting brackets with no required roof penetration for Flat iron corrugated roofs to suit the following roof lines.

Mibet Solar Mounts Feature:

· Easy installation with pre-assembled components.
· Compatible with frame and frameless solar panels.
· Modular design
· Waterproof systems (select models)
· Tilt angles of 0 to 600
· High snow and wind load resistance.
· Upto 10 year warranty
· Al6005-T5(Anodized) hook (for tile roof mounts)
· HDPE floats (floating mounts)
· Corrosion resistant
· High structural strength

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