Tigo TS4-A-O Solar PV Optimiser 700W

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Key Features:

Features and benefits
Suitable for up to 700W solar modules
The higher performance optimizer with Predictive IV Technology (PIV)
The ONLY optimizer with selective deployment
Includes the benefits of Safety & Monitoring
Meets US NEC rapid shutdown requirements
Optimizes right out of the box
Shade and age tolerance to maximize lifetime yield
Works wirelessly with the TAP & CCA
25-year warranty


With fast, easy installations

10 seconds per module
Each TS4 connects to the PV module at the junction box and clips to the module frame

No ground wire required
Tigo TS4 do not need a separate ground wire or mounting bolts for installations

Water and corrosion resistant
Polycarbonate cover is water-resistant to 1.5m deep – proven in the harshest environments

Proven over 10+ years
Tigo’s TS4 offering is the result of more than a decade of leadership and innovation in MLPE and continues to have the lowest failure rates in the industry.

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